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Arisk Beef Broth 114g

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Every recipe has its secret. Use Arisco Broths and enhance the flavor of your dish even more!
Caldo Arisco Carne has a special recipe and is produced with herbs and spices that add flavor to your kitchen.
It has a balanced flavor and yields up to 50 liters.


Salt, vegetable fat, starch, sugar, water, rosemary, onion, garlic, black pepper, bay leaf, cumin, turmeric, beef, nutmeg, cloves, flavorings, caramel coloring IV and citric acid acidulant.


Contains celery and derivatives, soy derivatives, may contain milk, egg, wheat, barley, mustard and gluten.


storage in a dry, cool and odorless place.

SKU 81046 Category
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Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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