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Brie President Petit Cheese 125g

$5.76 /unit


Petit Brie Président cheese is produced from whole milk, generating a raw and closed dough cheese. As the cheese matures, the mass becomes buttery and creamy while the rind becomes more velvety and white, this process occurs due to the presence of Penicillium, camemberti or caseiculum fungi. Its maturation process gives it unique flavor and aroma, which are accentuated over time. It is a very versatile cheese, it goes very well with red fruit or exotic fruit jellies, it can complement salads or be served on cheese boards. A special tip is to heat the brie cheese in the oven and serve it with honey, bread and toast. Harmonizes with white wines Chardonnay, Shiraz and rosé and riesling sparkling wines. As for beers, it goes perfectly with Pilsen, Weizenbier, Kölsch, Porter, Stout and India Pale Ale types.

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