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Cirio Peeled Tomato 240g

$2.57 /unit


Peeled plum tomatoes. Cirio peeled tomatoes have been the heart of the Italian culinary tradition since 1856. Only the sweetest, ripest tomatoes grown in southern Italy become cirio. Ideal for preparing pasta sauces and meat or fish dishes that require the highest quality tomatoes. Cirio was a pioneer in the conservation of canned tomatoes. Every day since then, consumers around the world have been able to experience the true taste of Italy at their tables. Good food, made with traditional passion, Italian tomatoes.

Peeled Plum Tomato, Tomato Juice, Acidity Regulator, Citric Acid.

How to use
Ideal for preparing sauces, meat recipes, casseroles and pasta dishes.

Weight 1 kg
Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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