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Coffee 3 Hearts Extra Strong Vacuum 500g

$3.02 /unit


Founded in 1970 by Mauro Alvez, Jan Sérgio de Oliveira and Pedro Basílio, the company was born as a small coffee roaster and distributor, located in the municipality of Santa Luzia, in Belo Horizonte, in the state of Minas Gerais.
The name 3 Corações was named after Pedro’s three daughters, and each heart in the brand’s logo represents them, with the larger one that surrounds them, corresponding to the father’s own.
The high quality of the beans and the delicious taste of the coffee soon won the preference of the miners. In the following decade, in 1980, the brand that until then was regional gained investments and was projected nationally.
This growth was also the result of the teamwork developed by each of the employees who work daily to bring the best coffee to each of the consumers.
In 1992, 3 Hearts innovated once again with a launch that would change the company’s direction: the Cappuccino 3 Hearts.

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