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Coffee Coffee Beans Edible Espresso Zero 80g

$5.39 /unit


Have you ever thought about “eating” coffee with milk? Now this is possible! You are purchasing 1 unit of Coffee Beans ZERO – Coffee To Eat – Flavor: Coffee with Milk. What makes you happy? For most people, the answer is certainly coffee! “Coffee to eat” is one of the novelties we brought to you! The Coffee Beans Zero flavored with coffee with milk have the shape and taste of the bean. And best of all, it contains no sugar!!!! This delicacy is sweetened with Stevia, the natural sweetener. The Brazilian Edible Latte *Coffee Beans Zero* is an innovation for the world market. The package contains 80g of these treats, containing 8 units with 10g each. Weight: 80g.

Weight 0.08 kg
Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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