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Escondidinho Seara Incredible 350g

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Soy Escondidinho with 100% vegetable meat. The only one with Biomolecule*, meat flavor and meat texture.
Made from soy meat. Does not contain egg and milk derivatives. Source of vitamin B12, iron and dietary fiber. Contains 6.9g of protein.
* Portion of 175g.

Biomolecula i is an innovative discovery by IncrΓ­vel.Lab* Seara, responsible for creating a delicious and unmistakable flavor. Through scientific studies by experts in aroma, texture and taste, able to reproduce the succulence of the best meats in foods produced 100% with vegetable protein.

*Incrivel.Lab is Seara’s innovation hub focused on meatless meals and the newest food trends.

SKU 80142 Category
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