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Fugini Bolognese Tomato Sauce 340g

$0.83 /unit


Tomato Sauce Bolognese Vegan Fugini Sachet 340g *** Kit with 03 units of 340g each, totaling 1.02kg *** The FUGINI Special Sauces were developed according to the preference of consumers, they are varied and delicious flavors to enhance your dishes. Super practical, just heat up and that’s it! In the delicious vegan option, the Fugini Bolognese Sauce is made from soy, does not contain gluten, does not contain sugar and does not contain fat. Ingredients: – Tomato, onion, textured soy protein, salt, modified starch, yeast extract, lactic acid acidulant, aroma identical to natural bolognese, garlic and parsley. ALLERGENS: – CONTAINS SOY DERIVATIVES. – GLUTEN-FREE. Once opened, close and store in the fridge for a maximum of 2 days. Package Contents – 03 units of 340g each Important Information Images are for illustrative purposes only. Some of the packages may be changed by the supplier, without having enough time to be updated, however, we guarantee that the characteristics of the product (quantity, weight, raw material and functions) will not be changed.

Weight 1 kg
Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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