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Hellmann's Mustard 170g

$2.62 /unit


At Hellmann’s, we believe that the secret to flavor lies in the ingredients you use in your recipes, which is why we are dedicated to offering only products with quality ingredients that provide our consumers with an IRRESISTIBLE TASTE WITHOUT COMPARISON. We are increasingly present in natural and healthy territories; even after 100 years, we are still committed to improving our formulas and creating products for your family and your meals. Therefore, we can say that the new Yellow Mustard is the best formula Hellmann’s has ever had. The Yellow Mustard 170g squeeze comes with 47% more mustard seeds, a more yellowish profile, a milder taste than the old formula and has no added sugar. In addition, Hellmann’s mustard is super versatile and makes your late-afternoon sandwiches, midnight hot dogs, recipe sauces, burgers with friends and stroganoffs at grandma’s house even more delicious. With Hellmann’s Yellow Mustard you can transform your snacks, snacks and meals into delicious moments and still add flavor, color and give a delicious touch to your dishes! Everything transforms with Hellmann’s mustard, and Hellmann’s transforms every dish into unique and special moments. Try it yourself, Hellmann’s. By your side for good food!

Weight 1 kg
Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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