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Hellmann's Oriental Sesame Salad Dressing 210ml

$2.74 /unit


Hellmann’s believes that the secret to flavor lies in the ingredients you use in your recipes, which is why we are dedicated to providing unparalleled creaminess and using quality ingredients that provide our consumers with irresistible flavor. We want to create a different experience with an increasingly personalized taste. Hellmann’s Oriental Salad Dressing with Soy Sauce, Onion and Garlic Sesame Flavor makes your salads tastier because it’s creamy and has the perfect combination of tomato with a touch of paprika and mustard. in addition to its delicious creaminess, it is great to combine with lettuce salads, wraps, snacks and its practical packaging is perfect for everyday use. Hellmann’s Sauce is free of artificial colors and flavors and packs a lot of flavor in just 26 calories. brings the experience of flavors to your home, making your dishes even tastier. you can also use it in your everyday life. It is the perfect combination for salads and dishes in general. Super versatile. delicious and very creamy. made with high quality ingredients. Also check out the new flavors of the Hellmann’s line: Rose Salad Dressing, Lemon and Herb Salad Dressing and Caesar Salad Dressing and transform your recipes into more delicious dishes.

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Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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