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Hellmann's Traditional Ketchup 380g

$2.25 /unit


At Hellmanns, we believe that the secret to flavor lies in the ingredients you use in your recipes, so we’re dedicated to delivering a taste like no other. For this we use high quality ingredients such as tomatoes carefully selected from sustainable farms to create a ketchup that provides our consumers with an IRRESISTIBLE TASTE. Hellmanns ketchup has the traditional flavor of real ketchup and adds flavor and color to every bite. In addition, Hellmanns ketchup is super versatile and makes your sandwiches, fries, sauces, burgers, fillings and recipes even more delicious. With Hellmanns ketchup you can transform your snacks, snacks and meals into delicious moments and still add incomparable flavor and color to your dishes! Everything with Hellmanns ketchup tastes even better. That hamburgada stuffed with fries with friends on the weekend, the hot dog that weekend full of work, the stroganoff from Sunday lunch with the family, the pastel from the fair on Saturday, sandwich at the time that hunger hits, the sauce recipes to impress the crowd. Everything transforms with Hellmanns ketchup, and Hellmanns transforms every dish into unique and special moments. Try it yourself too! More than flavor, Hellmanns flavor!

Weight 1 kg
Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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