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Mezzani Meat Potato Escondidinho with Cottage Cheese 350g

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Mezzani Meat Escondidinho with Cottage Cheese is the perfect option for you to taste at any time of the day! Practicality and quality with the seasoning that only Mezzani has. More flavor for your table and more time for you to be happy. Try it!

Curiosity Mezzani: A very popular dish in the country, Escondidinho has an imprecise origin, but very possibly was created in the northeast of Brazil. The delicacy is also highly appreciated in all other regions of Brazil.

Water, Cottage cheese, Beef, Potato flakes, Milk powder, Tomato, Margarine, Sour cream, Modified starch, Spices, Soy protein, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, Soy oil, Garlic paste, Salt, Monosodium gluamate, Dehydrated Mother Dough and Flavorings.

SKU 80136 Category
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Sgaria Foods
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