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Natural Yogurt Whey Verde Campo Vanilla 250g

$2.39 /unit


Natural Whey is Verde Campo’s line of yogurts and protein shakes, and in addition to the high protein content, it has zero lactose, zero added sugars, zero preservatives and is made with natural flavors and colorings. The Vanilla Yogurt Zero Lactose Natural Whey Verde Campo has 14g of protein, being a combination of whey and casein, which help in the recovery of muscle mass and lean mass gain. In addition to all the benefits, this version has a delicious vanilla flavor. The drink is ready for consumption, just shake and drink. In this size, it’s ideal for pre and post workout, for day-to-day breaks, and when hunger strikes. Does not contain gluten and lactose. ALLERGENS: Contains milk and dairy products, glucose and galactose.

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Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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