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Rump Beef Angus Steak Kg

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Picanha is one of the main cuts of Brazilian barbecue, a selection of grilled meats. It is a very tender cut of meat, covered with a large layer of fat that gives the meat its flavor.

Picanha Preparation: The meat must have time to breathe, 10 minutes is enough. then remove the meat from the bag or make the bag from before and let it rest for 10 minutes, handle.

Picanha has a mild flavor and is a very juicy and tasty meat, which is precisely why the great secret of Picanha is to maintain characteristics. That’s why when seasoning the picanha, care must be taken with the meat’s peculiarities, not to add too much salt so as not to dry out the picanha, leaving it hard and salty; You can’t put too much time like pepper, garlic or anything else, because if you put too much it can ruin the flavor of the meat. very important advice, NEVER REMOVE THE GREASE FROM THE PICANHA! Fat is super important to make it juicy, sweet and flavorful. Another very important tip is to never salt the meat.

how to cut picanha

Cut to the thickness of 2 fingers or 3 female fingers with a very large fat down and at the same time down and influencing the face, as it cannot create rebar like softness fibers.

SKU 80327 Category
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