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Snack Seara Hot Hit XBurguer with Barbecue Sauce 145g

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Hot Hit Seara X-Burger flavor with Barbecue sauce is perfect for snack time! Juicy and tasty, the x-burger with beef burger, exclusive barbecue sauce and sesame bread can be the way out for a busy day or, simply, for a fun meal.

Contains gluten.

Preparation: Open the package and remove the tray with the sandwich. With the sandwich still frozen, place it in the microwave for 1 min and 30 seconds on high power. As soon as it beeps, your sandwich is ready to eat.

Remembering that the preparation time may vary depending on the appliance.

Wear thermal gloves to avoid accidents.

SKU 80199 Category
Weight 1 kg
Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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