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Yogurt Activia Liquid Plum Zero Lactose 170g

$1.06 /unit


Did you know that digestive health can influence well-being? That’s why Activia’s mission is to help you feel good, starting from the inside. We’ve been studying digestive health for over 30 years and we believe in the power of probiotics. Each of our products is prepared slowly for 8 hours, with a unique combination of 5 natural yeasts, lots of fruits and, of course, the billions of natural probiotics to support your digestive health. The secret to a balanced, guilt-free life? Pleasure, Activity Zero. Here you have all the plum flavor you like and zero added sugars, lactose and fats. Because you and your digestive health deserve the perfect balance between well-being, lots of flavor and real fruit. Activia, Wellness starts from within.

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Sgaria Foods
Sgaria Foods
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