Sgaria offers the necessary guarantee for its products to arrive with quality security within the stipulated deadlines.


In order to place the order, it must be within the international transport standards:

• Only one category per container – you can close more than one.

• Minimum of 20 tons per category.

Note: The products in our catalog may have small variations in sizes or brands, depending on the availability of suppliers at the time of order. Any necessary changes will be presented to the customer in advance.


Payment is made only by bank transfer to our headquarters in Hong Kong, after checkout, you will receive the deposit details.

Shipping and Delivery

After order processing, we will have 10 business days to ship your products, plus 20 business days for shipping to you.

Service Terms

Ao usar nossos serviços, você concorda com os termos e requisitos. Para qualquer dúvida, entre em contato pelo telefone +1 786 773 4767  ou envie um e-mail para

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