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Coffee Pestle 252Β° Vacuum 500g

$2.45 /unit


Folks, starting the day with a hot cup of coffee is delicious, isn’t it? And, whether in the morning or throughout the day, the good thing is that there are several options for those who don’t need a cup of coffee! Therefore, it is nice to know a little more about this drink to decide which type is ideal for your day to day. Come with me:

– Look, coffee beans usually have the most intense smell and taste, okay? In addition, the grain has a longer shelf life than the ground! And to make it, you have to have a grinder and then just strain it with boiled water and it’s ready.
– Roasted and ground coffee is more practical and faster to make because it comes ready to strain, see? Too much!
– And you want more practicality? Choose soluble coffee! Just put it directly in hot water and drink. And look, this guy usually has a very mild flavor! Liked it!
– Another option is coffee in capsules, but to make this coffee you have to have a specific machine, see? The good thing is that the capsule helps to avoid waste, since each one makes the right amount of the cup. Oh yes!

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