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Ready Snack Aurora XFaroeste burger Picanha 130g

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$1.15 /unit


Practical sandwich e. Contains sesame bread, picanha-flavored hamburger and mozzarella cheese.

Available in Packaging
Box of 2.34 kg with 18 units of 130g

Expiration date
180 days

130g (1 unit)


Bread (wheat flour enriched with iron and folic acid, sugar, salt, vegetable margarine, soy extract, corn starch, dry yeast, sesame, flour improver, alpha-amylase and calcium propionate preservatives), rump steak flavor: (beef, sugar, fat, beef fat, sugar, protein deine, fat, salt, sugar, protein deine, onion, natural soy flavor, smell smell, natural phosphorus smoke, natural fat, phosphorus tripo, destructive ( INS 451i), antioxidant: coloring erythorbate (INS 316), natural colorings: caramel (INS 150d) and cochineal carmine.Contains Gluten.

SKU 80193 Category
Weight 1 kg
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